Made with better stuff than you're used to.

  • Gives you an extra dose of energy with all-natural ingredients
  • Contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals
  • Use in a smoothie for a healthy snack
  • 200 gram of powder per package

Vegetarian | Vegan | Gluten Free | Soy Free | GMO Free

Package contains: 200g

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Our Energy Boost is perfect for everyone who can use an extra dose of energy every now and then. And who doesn't?

Get off to a good start by blending this into your smoothie in the morning, or use it as a satisfying afternoon snack to prevent you from feeling low. You don't have to worry about the nutrients you need, we did the thinking part for you.

Without using any animal products at all, we make sure you get the most out of your day. Think of all the fun things you could do with that extra dose of energy!

Made with


A small root vegetable that has been grown for ages by the native people of the Andes. The maca root is dried en ground. Maca contains lots of calcium and protein. It helps to regulate your energy level, hormones and blood sugar.


A natural multivitamin. Baobab is a fruit that feels most at home at the tropics. It looks a bit like coconut, the taste is similar to the taste of pear. Baobab contains a lot of fibre, which helps you to feel satisfied for longer. The antioxidants in this fruit help to battle the free radicals in your body.


Paullinia cupana is a creeper that grows in the Amazone area. Guarana is de ground seed of this tree. These seeds contain guarinine, which is similar to cafeine. The largest difference is that guarinine is absorbed by your body a lot slower. Therefor you feel the effect a lot longer and more evenly. On top of that, guarana is rich in fibres and protein.


Nutritious veg, with lots of fibre and protein. Beetroot can help to improve your endurance and helps to break down carbs, fat and protein – which is good news for your energy level. Are you a runner? Try a shot of beetroot juice! The nitrates in beetroot help widen your blood vessels and that helps the flood of oxygen to your muscles.

Goji berries

This juicy red berry has been grown for over 3000 years in asian medicine. Gojiberries grow from a tree which originally comes from Asia. They contain essential vitamins and are full of carotenoids. Furthermore, gojiberries are rich in vitamin A, C, B1, B2, B6 and carotene.

How to use

Servings per packet

The Energy Boost is good for 40 servings.

Calories per serving

We recommend using 5g of powder per serving. This equates to 15,8 calories per shake.

What is the best time to take it? (morning / afternoon/ evening)

You can take our vegan powder all day. As a healthy, quick breakfast or as a snack replacement to be less tempted to relish in unhealthy snacks.

How can I best conserve it?

Always store the products in the original packaging, below 25 degrees, out of the sun and out of reach of children. The expiration date can be found at the bottom of the package. Keep it dry and close well after use.

Best to mix with?

Energy Boost can be mixed with fruit juice or water. Drink it as a healthy snack, bake pancakes with it or put it in the blender with a banana and some water for a healthy, quick breakfast. We find the Energy Boost less good in the combination with milk.

Ingredients & nutrition

powder of baobab (17%), pea protein, gelatinized maca (15.5%), hibiscus, guarana (8.5%), banana, beetroot (6.5%), goji (6.5%), lucuma, agave inulin.

Average nutritional values 100 g
Energy 1328 kj
kcal 316 kcal
Fat 1.5g
of which saturated fatty acids 0.4g
Carbohydrates 46g
of which sugars 25g
Fibers 25g
Protein 17g
Salt 0.4g

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