We specialize in weight loss for women

There are two ways of losing weight :

With a meal replacement shake
(lose 5 kg in 3 month easily)

Ideal for women who want to lose a little bit of weight and don't have time to prepare healthy meals.

One box can replace on meal a day for 2 weeks and is 27,50€. A regular meal a day for the same time period would have been around 70€...



Meal replacements shakes are healthy, powdered foods that can be mixed with milk or water to give your body the same nutritional value as a meal. People often use meal replacements to lose weight in a healthy way. This is done by decreasing your caloric intake.

To lose weight, you can replace up to two meals a day with a shake to give your body the nutrition it needs while limiting the number of calories you consume. Because meal replacement shakes help maintain your blood sugar and contain protein and fiber, you will not feel the need to snack between meals after drinking. This will prevent you from overeating and controlling your waistline.
In fact, a study showed that people who replaced one to two meals a day with a meal substitute shake for three months lost nearly 5 pounds more than people who simply changed their diet to be generally low calorie. 

We also have a 30 days money back guarantee...


With a personal program
(lose up to 5 kilos in one month)


Ideal for women who are motivated and willing to respect our meal plan.

We built programs around these shakes. As explained above they are our flagship product and the essential element of this type of diet. Depending on your age and your goal in terms of weight loss we add products such as fiber-rich tablets, vitamins or fat burner tea. You also receive a roadmap by email that tells you what to eat at different times of the day.

30 days money back guarantee

 Get one of the two shakes (27€) for free on your first program with code : GO2019



What happens next

These products are a great boost for your weight loss. But you must not eat it for life. Once your goals are achieved, you resume healthy eating and try to exercise. For the future we also have beauty products like our natural tanning tablets or our detoxification treatments.


In addition to this delicious shake we provide you with a free professional assistance. Our team of coaches and nutritionists are always connected (live chat, Facebook messenger, phone) if you have any questions. We will also send you informations, meal plans, motivation and tips by email.



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