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Vanilla Sky
Delicious vanilla flavor that you can combine well in shakes or with yogurt. Like the nutritional values (little sugar, vegan, ..) and is therefore ideal to lose weight. Worth a try!
Detox treatment
I use the detox tablets for a few days now. I noticed the first few days that I suffered from headaches, but I feel very good now. I definitely recommend it! 😉
Roos - 25 years
Detox treatment
During my 14 days of taking Detox Treatment supplements, I felt the need to eat healthy and exercise more. It really motivated me to get back on track. Would do this again in a few months.
Lisa - 23 years
Natural Tanning
I have the impression that my skin has become better and better. Less problems with pimples.
Annette - 28 years
Energy Boost
I mix a spoon of Energy Boost with some yoghurt. Topped with fresh fruit and granola it makes the perfect afternoon snack. I feel energized and more productive afterwards.
Amber - 28 years
Berry Nice
It’s an easy snack to use in my smoothie. When I use it in the morning, I feel like I can keep going until noon without any sugar cravings.
Silke - 20 years
Detox treatment
The Detox treatment is very easy to use, it gives me a good feeling. I think of it as a kind of support of your body. Just that extra care. I would definitely do a detox cure again.
Marije - 29 years
Chocolate Bandit
Keeps me feeling satisfied longer and it’s a great source to get enough proteins. Doesn’t give a bloated feeling like other protein shakes sometimes do.
Judith - 20 years
Vanilla sky
I feel satisfied for a sufficiently long period after drinking the shake, which makes me less inclined to snack.
Louise - 21 years
All flavours Fit & Shape
I think it’s an ideal reinforcement of my breakfast. It keeps me from feeling hungry until noon. After two weeks of using Be So Happy products I feel fitter and less tired
Karlijn - 26 years
Natural Tanning
I like the product very much. It’s nice that I can keep my tan longer in a healthy way. Also I feel less pressure to go sunbathing :)
Kelly - 26 years
LOVELYEasy, low calorie and low fat shakes.
ESSENTIALOur supplements provides you with all the important nutrients.
WELLBEINGAll the products are made with the good stuff, natural ingredients and plant-based as possible. Good for you, good for the environment.
BODYSHAPEYou will feel good, maintain a healthy weight and look your very best.

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