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Detox treatment
I use the detox tablets for a few days now. I noticed the first few days that I suffered from headaches, but I feel very good now. I definitely recommend it! 😉
Roos - 25 years
Detox treatment
During my 14 days of taking Detox Treatment supplements, I felt the need to eat healthy and exercise more. It really motivated me to get back on track. Would do this again in a few months.
Lisa - 23 years
Natural Tanning
I have the impression that my skin has become better and better. Less problems with pimples.
Annette - 28 years
Energy Boost
I mix a spoon of Energy Boost with some yoghurt. Topped with fresh fruit and granola it makes the perfect afternoon snack. I feel energized and more productive afterwards.
Amber - 28 years
Berry Nice
It’s an easy snack to use in my smoothie. When I use it in the morning, I feel like I can keep going until noon without any sugar cravings.
Silke - 20 years
Detox treatment
The Detox treatment is very easy to use, it gives me a good feeling. I think of it as a kind of support of your body. Just that extra care. I would definitely do a detox cure again.
Marije - 29 years
Chocolate Bandit
Keeps me feeling satisfied longer and it’s a great source to get enough proteins. Doesn’t give a bloated feeling like other protein shakes sometimes do.
Judith - 20 years
Vanilla sky
I feel satisfied for a sufficiently long period after drinking the shake, which makes me less inclined to snack.
Louise - 21 years
All flavours Fit & Shape
I think it’s an ideal reinforcement of my breakfast. It keeps me from feeling hungry until noon. After two weeks of using Be So Happy products I feel fitter and less tired
Karlijn - 26 years
Natural Tanning
I like the product very much. It’s nice that I can keep my tan longer in a healthy way. Also I feel less pressure to go sunbathing :)
Kelly - 26 years
LOVELYEasy, low calorie and low fat shakes.
ESSENTIALOur supplements provides you with all the important nutrients.
WELLBEINGAll the products are made with the good stuff, natural ingredients and plant-based as possible. Good for you, good for the environment.
BODYSHAPEYou will feel good, maintain a healthy weight and look your very best.

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